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Email integration

PitchFriendly is an email client that allows you to directly send pitches from any account. No need to worry about being caught in the spam filter or promotions tab.

Read receipts

Want to know if an email has been opened by a reporter? Pitches sent via PitchFriendly use pixel tracking technology to let you know when an email has been opened.

Activity dashboard

Get an up-to-date view of your activity and the activity of the rest of your team. Filter activity by client or team member to see results over desired time period.

Import media lists

Importing your media list is simple and easy with PitchFriendly. Choose the list you would like to import and in a matter of seconds, your list is ready to use.

Split media lists

Not enough time to do all the pitching? PitchFriendly makes it easy to share your lists with someone else on your team to help lighten the pitch load.

Reporter tracking

With our media lists you can not only track whether a reporter has read your email, you can track your relationship with the reporter, read their archives and take notes.