When do I reach out and follow up with reporters?

The software ranks media lists from 1st string, 2nd string, 3rd string, etc. Each string may have different reporters from the same publication to give you additional options. Once your emails are ready to send you can conduct outreach on your target date to 1st string reporters first, then conduct follow up after a couple of days. After you conduct 1st string outreach and follow up, then you may move onto 2nd string outreach, follow up, and so on. It's important to space out your outreach and follow up (typically wait 2 days before following up) to give reporters time to review your emails. Conduct outreach and follow up to 1st string prior to moving to the second string so you're not pitching reporters from the same publication on the same day, as reporters from the same publication will be distributed across your press list in each string.

Why is it important to follow up with reporters?

Reporters get hundreds of pitches a day. Sometimes they may overlook your email, so it is important to follow up to let them know you're seeking their interest in your story. They are much more likely to open your email and potentially give you feedback if you follow up. We don't recommend emailing multiple times, reporters don't appreciate getting badgered, typically if they don't respond after follow up, it's time to move onto a different contact.

Should I personalize emails to reporters?

Personalizing emails is really important when conducting press outreach. Cold blasting an email to everyone doesn't show reporters how your story is a good fit for their readers. You should find the connection between the topics they cover and fresh news or unique trends you can share. Personalize each email message and connect your story to what a reporter has recently written about. You can reference an article he/she has written or a topic that is often covered by that reporter, and make the connection as to why your story is a good fit for them. It shows that you're engaged and want to share your story with that particular reporter and his/her audience rather than sending them a cold email.

Will reporters know I sent the emails through PitchFriendly?

Emails sent through PitchFriendly appear identical to emails you send through Google Mail. There will never be any PitchFriendly branding in outgoing emails from you.

What happens if reporters don't reply to my emails?

Reporters are busy people, they get hundreds of emails a day, and don't always have the time to respond to each email. Follow up with the reporter after a couple of days asking if they're interested in your story if you haven't received feedback. Our system lets you track if reporters have opened your email. If there is a low open rate, you'll want to consider changing up your headline for the next string of outreach to be catchier, more concise, transparent, etc. Our PR pros can help brainstorm headline ideas with you.